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Nestled in a valley in the Abruzzio section of Italy, Cansano is the type of town you would expect a sandaled Roman to come around a corner after worshipping at one of the remains of two Roman temples dedicated to either Jupiter or Hercuules. This sleepy little town, with a population of 264, is a delightful mixture of old and new and remains in the hearts of those of us here at Cansano whose family was born and raised sheltered by loving arms of family and friends.

Here at Cansano, we want to wrap our guests in the warmth and hospitality exemplified by authentic Italian food at its finest because, as trite as it sounds, you are family. So, sit back and let Cansano take you through an enchanted visit of fresh salads, warm filling pasta, seafood so fresh you would think we just pulled it from the sea, and steaks done to perfection. Come and visit Cansano and watch out for that elusive sandaled Roman.